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I firmly believe that there are many more bikers out there than actually ever get on a motorcycle. What I mean is, lots of people, in their hearts, want to ride the rode on a bike, they just convince themselves not to do it.

Which is easy enough to do. The propaganda against motorcycles is easy enough to find. Facts get distorted, and every accident gets blown up as proof that even being near a bike is the most dangerous thing anyone has ever done.

Of course, motorcyclists get into accidents, often accidents that aren’t their fault, but that doesn’t mean bikes aren’t worth riding.

The truth is, most people don’t understand motorcycles, even the ones that in their hearts would ride them if they weren’t afraid. Even those people get swallowed up in the propaganda about biker gangs and biker dive bars, and violence and drug abuse, all the ugliest stuff that really doesn’t represent motorcycles at all.

It’s a strange thing, hearing people who don’t know that I ride talk about motorcycles, how they look at bikers as almost foreign, completely different from them, alien and scary and dangerous. That doesn’t represent the bikers I know (who range from straight-laced hipsters to construction workers to lawyers).

Bikers defy such easy, and paranoid, categorization. I know bikers who are liberal and conservative, black and white and Hispanic, rich and poor, old and young. They are united in some factors, but none of them are biker gangs or a love of violence.

It’s sad people think that way because it does keep a lot of people from joining us on the road. If they understood what riding was really about, I think they’d know whatever extra risk there is in getting on a bike is absolutely worth it.

Let me give it a shot to explain the truth about riding to anyone reading this.

The motorcycle is part of a grand international tradition that stands for freedom and self-searching. That’s really the main point. There’s nothing that gets you as close to feeling completely free as riding down an empty road with nothing on any side of you but God and nature.

Whether you come from a place that is free and you can express that freedom by riding or a place that isn’t free and riding is your only way of feeling it, the bike is part how you can connect with that ideal.

At the same time, biking is a very spiritual experience. As I said it’s like riding with God and nature, and that’s the truth. Bikers can be the most thoughtful and deep people in the world because they have so much time just being out in the world, being in the world as much as its humanly possible. Once you’re on a bike, you sort of drift away, you just become part of the world that you’re passing by. It’s a beautiful thing.

Or at least, I think so. And I think a lot of people would agree. I hope a few people read this and decide to give it a shot.

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