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You are casually walking in the sidewalk when you suddenly slipped because of ice buildup. You break your leg in the process, and lose time at work because of your physical limitation. You will have a lot to deal with – your health, recovery process, lost wages due to lost time at work, and liabilities to pay. But you don’t deserve to deal with these things. After all, you have just walked in a sidewalk.

It is a good thing that there is a concept such as premises liability, wherein a property owner can be held liable for any accidents and injuries in his property. One of the most common premises liability cases is slip and fall, which is the case narrated above.

Buildup of the hazardous condition

According to the website of Ali Mokaram Lawyer, negligence is a significant factor when it comes to premises liability cases. In the case of slip and fall accidents, this negligence often involves actions or inactions that have resulted into the creation of the hazardous condition that has triggered the accident.

These negligent actions and inactions can range from failing to maintain facilities such as escalators and elevators and failing to clean hazards such as wet substances that are left on the floor.

Injury caused by the hazardous condition

The hazardous condition need to not just qualify on the things mentioned above, because it also has to injure someone, to make the slip and fall case more solid.

Premises liability is typically about medical conditions, such as injuries, illnesses, and deaths, that happen on a property owner’s premises, so it is understandable that a medical condition has to be sustained for a premises liability case to be strong.

In the case of slip and fall accidents, the condition is typically an injury, usually in the form of broken bones, particularly in the arm, leg, and hip area.

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